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Welcome to, the home of Blue Marlin Aquarium Design. Whether you need a break from stressful life or a hectic office — we have over 15 years of experience designing, installing, and maintaining custom/standard aquarium systems — helping you do just that.

Prompt, meticulous service.

With over 15 years of experience designing, installing, and maintaining of home and office aquariums, our mission is to provide prompt and meticulous service. Please take a moment to view our portfolio, and set up a free estimate for your home or office.

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Sitting in a dull office, on a boring conference call that should’ve been done an hour ago, working your 9-5… why not stir it up a bit? It just might help you come up with that new solution you’ve been looking for.

Our Services

Aquarium Design

Let us help you dream up fantastic aquatic landscapes, let your mind loose, and design a perfect little getaway from the everyday grind. With over 15 years of experience designing aquariums, we ca make it happen for you.

Aquarium Installation

Came up with a great design, but don’t know how to make it happen? With years of experience installing custom aquariums, we can do it clean, efficient, and fast. It will feel as if the aquarium has been there all your life.

Aquarium System Care

We don’t only design things that make you relax, we also ensure you stay so by taking care of your aquarium maintenance: cleaning, part replacement, upgrades — we know it inside-out. All you have to do is — relax.

What Our Customers Say

“The tank connects two rooms, so I love that I can see through the tanks and that I have a built-in unit that surrounds it…  My kids are mesmerized by the fish, and I am, too.”


According to its tenets, an unobstructed “chi,” or energy, pathway allows money to flow in freely. “If people feel great in their space, it in turn will enhance business.”

New York Post

Who wants to clean the sludge out of the fish tank? “I get calls all the time from people who think it isn’t worth it to spend half their Saturday cleaning an aquarium.”

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“The business will travel to your home to put your tank on a monthly maintenance plan – or swoop in for a onetime overhaul to bring it back from neglect.”

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About Us

Blue Marlin Aquarium Design, Inc. was founded over 15  years ago by owner/operator Paul Cuomo. Since then, the company has an impeccable service record installing and maintaining some of the finest aquariums in the New York Area. Our record with the Better Business Bureau has no complaints since our inception in 2001.

Our mission is to provide prompt, meticulous service of home and office aquariums using over 15  years of experience in the field.

Our distinct client list includes the Marriot Hotel, Woodbury Pediatric Dentistry, and Pequot Capital Ventures. We have been featured on “The Party Planner” with David Tuttera seen on The Discovery Channel and also, “Iron Chef America” on The Food Network.



Established: 1999, (over 15  years of experience)

Offering: design, installation, maintenance, finest aquarium supplies and livestock

Range of services: large, custom in-wall styles, to miniature reef desktop models, ponds, waterfalls, fountains

Additional services: custom color matching, fish tank relocation, reef aquarium testing and service, aquarium consulting

Official retailers for: Oceanic, All Glass Aquarium, Perfecto, Tenecor, etc.

Guarantees: handpicked, quarantined livestock (min 2 weeks), guaranteed livestock for 14 days


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